I enjoy sharing my love to the profession and my knowledge with others, both professionals, amateurs and 'foodies'. With that I hope not only to enrich their knowledge, but also to light a real true, passionate love to this field , to get more involved and to show my appreciation to all who share this world.

In 2010, the book "Sheshet", which I co-authored with Orli Peli, was published by "Al Hashulchan" publishing, in a special extensive and renewed edition.

I have participated in authoring many professional books and pamphlets:
Conceptual recipe pamphlets for Nestle-Osem, Adom Adom for Tnuva, cattle council and many more.

My publications are often published in professional magazines such as "Al Hashulchan", "Laisha"'s "Chef" magazine and public newspapers, offline and online.